Leonardo Tartabini

“To be honest, I really understood what I wanted to be when I grew up only after I enrolled at university”.

Nome: Leonardo Tartabini

Provenienza: Macerata (MC)

Studi: Mechanical Engineering

How did you decide you wanted to study Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano?

I was really fond of mathematics and physics while in high school, so I wanted to know more about these subjects. Studying engineering sounded like a good option for me, the perfect balance between contents and future expectations, even though I had no idea which Engineering Programme I was going to choose. Then, after my third year in high school, I had a summer job in an Architecture and Design Studio. Thanks to that experience, I understood that Building and Civil Engineering were not my cup of tea. After putting a lot of thought into it and analysing different profiles, the choice came down between Automation Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Later, I went to the organised Open Day,  and I decided to go with Mechanical Engineering. I really enjoyed the way both Professors and students presented the Programme. Plus, on that very occasion, I learned that Politecnico di Milano gives the chance to specialise in several fields and that all Master’s courses are offered in English. From that day on, I knew I wouldn’t want to enrol anywhere but at Politecnico di Milano.

How helpful has been participating in the Open Day to make the decision?

100% decisive! It surprised me how the event was perfect in every detail and how precise and passionate the presentations given by each Professor were. This event is your chance to get to know the whole POLIMI community. Meanwhile, every stand is an opportunity to look closely at the activities and talk with other students. They will gladly provide the answers to all your doubts about university life. I strongly recommend attending. 

Are you happy with your choice?

Absolutely! First of all because, even though very strict, the Mechanical Engineering Programme is very wide-raging and immediately examines every subject in detail. For example, starting their first year, students learn to model and design using several CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software during the Design course and to use MATLAB during the Computer Science course. This is something students really benefit from eventually. Secondly, knowing that all postgraduate courses are in English is a constant reminder to never stop learning the language or enriching it. Studying and taking exams in English has turned out essential to succeed with excellent results during my time abroad, which I am really proud of. I still gladly remember our Professor’s satisfaction from our guest University.

As you mentioned before, you took part in an exchange programme. How did you enjoy this experience?

I knew I was going to leave since I decided to go to uni. I soon started to seek information, then it was only about when to apply. Allience4Tech immediately caught my attention, but I wasn’t sure about giving it a go because I thought I would not be selected. Eventually, one of my friends convinced me to do so. Now I owe him big time for living such an extraordinary experience. Studying abroad changed me completely, especially in my personality. During the six months I spent in Berlin, I started believing more in myself, and I found the courage to fight my fear of public speaking. The time I spent in Paris wasn’t that smooth: it all turned to distance learning after only a month I got there due to the pandemic. Despite all difficulties and windfalls, generally speaking, I am still very happy about living those days. Leaving in the middle of a public health emergency hasn’t changed my mind about the exchange programmes a bit: studying abroad is worth all of it! Now more than ever, I am absolutely convinced that there are no good reasons out there not to go – exception made for family and health issues.

Studying Mechanical Engineering made you who you wanted to become as a child?

I used to change my mind a lot about who I wanted to be. When I was a toddler, I wanted to be a waiter. Later, when I went to elementary school, I discovered palaeontology. There I decided I wanted to be a palaeontologist because I loved dinosaurs. Growing up, I realised what I really liked was science, yet without a clear idea of what that was going to get me in the future. To be completely honest, I really understood who I wanted to be as a grown-up only after I enrolled at Politecnico. Today I am sure I want to be a mechanical engineer and that my dream came true, even if technically it is not the one I had as a kid.

Is there any advice you want to share with those who wish to undertake the same path?

Be motivated. If you’re not super convinced, the nit is not the right fit for you. It is not an easy one: determination is the only key to overcome all challenges.

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