Preparatory track

Preparatory track

Both in Milan and Piacenza campuses, after being accepted, it is possible to attend the VA1: Preparatory Track, the only track that gives direct admission to our Postgraduate Programme. 


Students can apply for the VA1: Preparatory Track only if their Grade Point Average (GPA) is:

  • 24/30 based on 95 ECTS awarded;
  • 23,5/30 based on 100 ECTS awarded;
  • 23/30 based on 105 ECTS awarded.

In order to be included in the GPA calculation, the ECTS must be awarded and confirmed by the set deadline: September 30th, two years after the first enrolment.

Preparatory track structure

The preparatory track courses are the same for all students attending:

  • 62 ECTS awarded after taking the Mandatory Courses which will be part of your specialisation during the Master;
  • 3 ECTS awarded by passing the Final Exam.

For further in-depth information on your courses, visit the Manifesto Degli Studi websites by clicking on the following links or download the full presentation.

Final exam

Your final exam will be on your graduation day, during which you will be awarded the final 3 ECTS.

During the final exam of the VA1: Preparatory track, the student must present the multi-disciplinary project on a theme selected and assigned by a Professor or by industrial experts. You will work on the project with other students, forming a team of three or five students. The project is aimed at using and combining all techniques learned over the three years while learning to work in a team.

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