Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science
3 years – 180 ECTS
1st and 2nd year: Mandatory Core Courses
3rd year: Track Mandatory Courses
Industrial and Information Engineering
Milano Bovisa
L-09 – Industrial Engineering – Ordinamento 270/04
Meet our students

Programme objective

The objective of the Undergraduate Programme is to educate future mechanical engineers. Graduates will be able to be in charge of all mechanical processes, from design to product manufacturing and management, from technological processes to industrial plants. During the first and second-year courses, students will learn the basic concepts: technical, scientific, economical, and applicative. In the third year, and later during your Master Programme, students will learn more specialistic concepts. 

Over the years, students will acquire some technical knowledge on: 

  • Applied Mechanics; 
  • Machine Design; 
  • Energy Transformation; 
  • Construction Materials; 
  • Fluid Mechanics;
  • Industrial Automation;
  • Manufacturing and Product Lifecycle Management. 

Admission requirements

Candidates must have a secondary school diploma or equals.

To enrol, candidates must take and pass the TOL admission test, which:

  • Can be taken by students attending the two final years of high school or by high school graduates;
  • Is divided into two different sections;
  • Helps to evaluate the candidate’s reading comprehension and knowledge of logic, mathematics,  statistics, and physics – the first part of the test;
  • Helps to assess the candidate’s English level – the second part of the test;
  • Is scheduled a few times over the year – the Politecnico of Milano Administration is in charge of deciding both dates and application details.

The candidates that pass the test, meaning they got a score equal or higher than 60/100, can register:

  • During the first registration session, only if the candidates are still attending the second-last year of high school and enrol in the Undergraduate Programme of their choice once they graduate;
  • During the second registration – or standard registration with three different ranking lists issued– if the candidates are seniors or high school graduates or are still attending the second-last year of high school but missed the first registration.

For further information on the TOL admission test, dates, application, results, and following registration, please visit the University website.

BSc Programme structure

Year 1&2

The first and second years of the BS in Mechanical Engineering are just the same and mandatory for every enrolled student, attending both in Milan Bovisa and Piacenza Campuses. During the first year, you will learn the basics concepts by studying all key subjects like mathematics, chemistry, and physics. However, some more specialistic courses are included in your first year timetable (60ECTS) and then studied more in detail during the second year (58 ECTS). Nevertheless, all lectures will provide all mechanics fundamental concepts. For further in-depth information on your courses, visit the Manifesto Degli Studi websites by clicking on the following links:

Year 3

By the beginning of year 3, students must choose their courses by selecting a track.

Milan Bovisa Campus
  • VA1: Preparatory Track;
  • VA2: Motori e Turbomacchine (Engines and Turbomachinery);
  • VA3: Impiantistica Industriale (Industrial Plant Engineering);
  • VA4: Processi Tecnologici (Manufacturing Processes);
  • VA5: Progettazione (Engineering Design);
  • VA6: Veicoli (Vehicles). 
Piacenza Campus
  • VA1: Preparatory Track;
  • VA2: Macchine e Impianti di Produzione (Machinery and Production Plants).

For further information, please click on the following links: