Professional tracks

Professional tracks

The students that do not want to or do not meet the requirements to apply to the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, can choose to attend one of the Professional Tracks (VA2-6) either in Milan or in Piacenza. Beware that students can attend the first two years in one campus and then attend the third year in the other one, selecting this way the tracks that they like the most.

Professional track structure

Even though courses differ according to the track, all students must do an internship and take the final exam to graduate no matter which track they decide to attend.

For the internship, the student will be awarded 18 ECTS:

  • 2 ECTS awarded for the Preparation for the internship;
  • 16 ECTS awarded for the internship carried out in one of our partner companies.

For further information on the third-year compulsory internship, visit the internship webpage.

To know more about contents, objective and courses of each Professional track, click on the selected track to reach the specific section of the website.

Compulsory internship

To favour the entrance of our undergraduate into the labour market, all students attending year 3 of each Professional Track of the Undergraduate Programme in Mechanical Engineering must apply to do a compulsory internship.

The internship is a working experience that allows students to directly apply all course contents and to evaluate their future careers. This experience gives students the chance to work under the capable eye of a company tutor for a few months, both in Italy and abroad.

To start with the internship, the student must have been awarded at least 135 ECTS along with the 2 ECTS of the Preparation for the Internship.

Final exam

Your final exam will be on your graduation day, during which you will be awarded the final 3 ECTS.

During the final exam of the Professional tracks (VA2-6), the student must present the technical report written during the internship. Each student will have to discuss the topics to cover in the report during the internship with their academic tutor. If not agreed upon differently, you will have to hand to your tutor the report within 10 days after the end date of the internship. On graduation day, you will talk about your internship report. You will describe in detail the activities you’ve been involved with and give your critical opinion on the overall experience. The presentation given by the graduate will last about 10-15 minutes, without any tutor introduction.

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